Streamline your cleaning business

Cleaner confidently displaying the Cleantracker app on a device, demonstrating the user-friendly interface for streamlined cleaning management and reporting.

Stand out from the crowd with Cleantracker!

Our innovative software is designed specifically for the cleaning industry. Manage your workforce and control your operations within one powerful platform.

Cleantracker is the affordable, flexible and accessible software solution for cleaning businesses of all sizes.

Save time and money and say goodbye to piles of paperwork.

On-the-go insights

The Cleantracker platform works on smart devices giving you real-time insights on any device, 24/7.  
The workforce management tools built-in automations, detailed reporting, audit tracking and geo-coding software will make you wonder how you ever managed before!
Cleantracker app and web reporting platform showcased on various devices, illustrating seamless monitoring and reporting for efficient cleaning management.

Exceptional user experience​

Work smarter, not harder, with Cleantracker. The easy-to-use interface provides dynamic dashboards, tailored reports, targeted automations and real-time updates.

With Cleantracker your management team, cleaners and customers can effortlessly access the information they need, when it matters most. 


Your cleaners can focus on the job with our easy-to-use mobile interface.

Cleantracker gives your cleaning team:

  • Custom mobile application
  • Geo-coded shift check-ins
  • Centralised shift and attendance management
  • Cleaning tasks, periodicals and maintenance reporting in real-time
  • Photo and commentary sharing options.


Your operations managers will shine with access to high-quality information and automations.

With Cleantracker, your managers can access:

  • A dashboard with multi-site management
  • Live updates on contract deliverables
  • Detailed reporting with real-time insights
  • OH&S, pre-shift checklist, compliance and risk mitigation tools
  • Customisable quality audits and customer sentiment insights.


Sweep your customers off their feet with customer-specific dashboards, reports and insights.

With Cleantracker, your customers can access:

  • Full transparency on operational status
  • Detailed real-time reporting
  • A central dashboard for multi-site management.


Clean up your act so you can operate at peak performance, improve your bottom line and increase customer satisfaction.

With Cleantracker, your organisation will:

  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Streamline business operations and staff management
  • Be supported by our local customer service team
  • Wipe the floor with your competition!

Our Experience

Used on 900+ sites across Australia, Cleantracker is an established and trusted software of choice. 

Our clients and cleaning sites include:

  • Commercial Offices
  • National Branch Networks
  • Government & Public Housing
  • Aged Care Facilities
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