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Professional meeting setting where a person presents using the Cleantracker reporting platform, highlighting collaborative and insightful team discussions for effective cleaning solutions.

Make a clean sweep and modernise your business with Cleantracker’s advanced functionality.

Cleaning Workforce Management

Get across your workforce with inbuilt tools that effortlessly manage staff and contractors.

  • Advanced geo-coding technology with QR Code capability
  • Automated time and (non) attendance tools
  • Centralised shift management 
  • Site updates and communication in real-time
  • OH&S pre-start checklists, compliance and risk mitigation. 

Real-time Reporting

Show off your decision-making and problem-solving capabilities with useful insights.

  • Tailored dashboards and data based on users
  • Detailed reporting across multiple sites and workforces
  • Quality data for operational, workforce and cost analysis.

Cleaning Schedules

Ditch the paperwork and digitise your operations with built-in cleaning automations.

  • Geo-coding automates cleaning points based on cleaner location
  • Clearly communicated task cards
  • Optional on-site QR codes
  • Validate completed work via tasks cards, photos, metadata and commentary.

Periodical Management

Never miss a periodical again with Cleantracker’s automated functionality.

  • Create and automate periodical schedules
  • Use customisable templates
  • Validate completed work in real-time
  • Detailed reports track progress.
  • Auto-generated reports save valuable time.

Quality Audits

 Enjoy faster, cleaner audits using Cleantracker’s powerful in-built tools.

  • Customisable audit and scoring templates
  • Audit sites and review contract performance
  • Customers can access results directly via the portal.

Maintenance Requests

Keep each site in order, consolidate maintenance requests and track progress.

  • Onsite maintenance reporting tool
  • Communicate required actions in real-time
  • Remain up to date on progress.

Sentiment Analysis

Maintain your spotless reputation and guarantee service quality with direct feedback from end users.

  • Easy-to-use survey templates with fully customisable content
  • Single click access using QR coding technology
  • Unlimited surveys and results.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Sleep soundly knowing your compliance and risk mitigation is all in order.

  • Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) pre-shift checklists
  • Customisable controls for mandatory compliance requirements
  • Requisite training capture
  • Regular reporting and dated tracking.

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